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[Download] The Marketer’s Guide to Implementing a Tag Management System

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As a marketer, a tag management system (TMS) can be an absolute blessing. They have many benefits, including: Increased marketing agility Improved site performance Decreased costs Tag consolidation and centralization However, tag management systems don’t just implement themselves. Getting to the point where you can improve your marketing agility, improve site…

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[Short Video] Audit any website with Tag Inspector

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In today’s digital marketing landscape, buzzwords like “big data” and “predictive analytics” are thrown around at conferences and in meetings, often meaninglessly. However, the Tag Inspector team strongly emphasizes something else — accurate data. That should sound slightly less intimidating! More than likely your team is using a web analytics platform that provides data, and…

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5 Steps for Managing eCommerce Tags with Tag Inspector

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Innovative digital marketing campaigns and ensuring accurate web analytics data is critical for any online business that drives revenue online. Businesses that have eCommerce at their core cannot sacrifice quality data and still expect to drive up sales.  There are hundreds of tools and technologies built for the eCommerce marketer…

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